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What is Aweber?

Now, speaking of Aweber, it is the email marketing tool for bloggers and digital marketing specialists that helps send bulk emails to our audience.

In case you don’t know,

In case you are not familiar with the term Email Marketing,

Is AWeber Good for Email Marketing?

It is an act of sending a commercial message, usually to a group of people, by email.

If you are a regular user of social networks, you must have seen the large digital sellers who distribute their e-books or gifts for free, just request your email.

At the time you enter your email, you go to the autoresponder database where you collect all the emails from the audience that entered your email for the gift.

I hope you understood my point.

Now, returning to Aweber, as I said, is an email marketing tool that helps send bulk emails to our audience.

This autoresponder was founded by CEO Tom Kulzer in 1998.


Since then, Aweber has managed to become one of the best email marketing solutions for bloggers and is serving more than 100,000 clients worldwide.

Aweber features

For now I have told you What is Aweber ?, about Email Marketing and more now, before moving forward, let’s look at the essential features that these tools have to offer.

AWeber is a leader in Email Marketing and Automation for small businesses. Together with our award-winning customer service, we make it easy for small businesses to connect with their audiences and grow their businesses quickly. We believe that email marketing helps connect people in a remarkable way, and should be a central element of any company’s marketing technology stack, especially because stock-based automation allows marketing specialists to be efficient with their time while increasing customer participation and sales.

We recognize that our customers are passionate about their business, above all. Therefore, our job is to make email marketing easy, affordable and simple to enable them to grow their business and relationships with their customers again.

Autoresponder Service

  • Registration Forms
  • Import emails
  • Social integration
  • Schedule Emails
  • Subscriber Tracking
  • Email split test
  • Subscriber segmentation and more.


You can create professional-looking registration forms

  • Social integration
  • Schedule Emails
  • Subscriber Tracking
  • Email split test
  • Appropriate guidance for beginners
  • The price is reasonable.


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