What are Clickfunnels?

I see that this question is asked a lot, so I decided to shed some light on this software, since I use it for many funnels.

Clickfunnels is a landing page and sales funnel software that has a built-in drag-and-drop editor that makes it incredibly easy to use and creates landing pages for professional-looking websites quickly.

Clickfunnels Benefits

I made a really comprehensive blog post in which I did a complete review of ClickFunnels where I talk about the many features and why I decided to use Clickfunnels exclusively for me, my students and projects online.

Here are the 8 main benefits you get when using ClickFunnels software:-

  • Easy to drag and drop landing page templates (no coding or technical skills required).
  • Checked funnels and landing page templates to choose from.
  • You can create Opt-in forms, sales pages or webinar pages from categorized templates.
  • Easy Collect a payment through your funnel page and connect it to your Paypal, Stripe or many other online merchants to choose from.
  • You can integrate automatic email res ponders such as Aweber or Active Campaign to create a deeper communication funnel.
  • Funnel redirect pages connect and configure easily.
  • You can quickly use a custom domain with this software
  • The tutorials are easy to see step by step and implement.

I used other landing pages before and, by far, ClickFunnels is, in my opinion, the best sales funnel landing page software created and with Russel Brunson and his team behind the #ClickFunnel movement is no surprise.

Here is a video that I created by reviewing Clickfunnels and giving a quick tutorial of one of my accounts.

In this video step

What is a sales funnel?
Why do I use Clickfunnels?

A brief tutorial of one of my Optin landing pages that generates leads every week.

I hope this quick view helps because I think many people confuse exactly what Clickfunnels is. I also wrote a long post on my website. Many people do not realize that it is a paid software that simply facilitates the creation of landing pages and sales funnel pages.

If you want to connect or have questions, find me on YouTube or Instagram through the video above.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

ClickFunnels allows you to incorporate all the basic elements necessary to have an effective and functional sales funnel. These include landing pages, web hosting, autoresponders and much more. Compared to traditional sales funnels, ClickFunnels helps you save time and money. The platform has all the tools you need to run a successful online business.

If you are looking for a way to market your products or services online, you will quickly realize the value of a sales funnel. A sales funnel helps you direct targeted traffic to a series of landing pages to achieve the desired action. The action can be a sale, software download or the creation of an email marketing list. The process of creating a sales funnel can be long and complex, so you need a platform like ClickFunnels.

What are the best parts of ClickFunnels?

Best Feature #1: Funnel template blueprints

If you’ve never created a sales funnel before, then ClickFunnels has it covered. Russell has identified 22 different types of funnels that he has used successfully in his own business.

The types of funnel are divided into 3 main categories: capture funnels of potential customers, sales page funnels and event funnels. But there are also other special funnels such as membership funnels that you can create.

They include simple funnels such as the Squeeze Page funnel that collects a visitor’s email address and then sends them to a thank you page when you sign up.

Or, to more sophisticated sales funnels such as the 2-step TripWire funnel that sells a low-cost front end product (your tripwire) and then sells them to your most expensive products using the Order Form increases and additional sales One Click or Downsells.

In addition, each type of funnel has its own set of free and paid templates. Therefore, even if you don’t have any design skills, your funnel pages will have a consistent and professional design.

Best feature # 2: good drag and drop visual editor

While ClickFunnels gives you an excellent starting point with your funnel and page templates, the ClickFunnels editor is where you can really make every page of your funnel yours.

Pages in ClickFunnels are presented using sections that can have any number of rows and columns. Then you can use your mouse to drag items and place them where you want. The editor is very intuitive to use.

Selecting components on the page and moving them where you want is very simple.

Text elements can be edited online, and the modification of the properties of any element can be done through the drop-down sidebar.

And unlike other publishers, everything is organized logically. You don’t spend much time looking for what you want to do.

The important thing is that coding is not required. Therefore, you don’t have to spend time learning HTML or CSS or any other technical thing like that.

Best feature # 3: Good selection of page elements

Elements (or widgets) are essential to give you the flexibility to design the exact pages you want and ClickFunnels offers you a wide variety of them to use.

The basic elements include Headline, Image, Text, Button, Input forms and video widgets. These are the basic building blocks for any landing page that you create in the software.

ClickFunnels also includes a series of advanced elements such as:

  • SMS registration
  • Surveys
  • Price tables
  • Progress Bars
  • Facebook comments
  • Frequently Asked Questions Blocks
  • Countdown Timers
  • Custom HTML

In addition, there are specialized elements such as Membership elements for your membership pages and elements of order and shipping form for your order pages.

Each item can be easily customized in the editor’s sidebar. With most elements, you can change common properties such as background colors, margins, fonts and alignment.

Then there are the specific properties of the element, such as the image URL for the Image element or the text of the button on its button.

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