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Top 10 Free WordPress Themes and Plugin for a Productive Website

Free WordPress Themes and Plugin

Since Free WordPress Themes and Plugin is open source, you would expect abundant resources like plugins and themes available to you for free. But the fact that it’s free means that you don’t have guaranteed quality and performance.

Although there are many free WordPress resources, most of them are of poor quality. It stands to reason that since they are giving it to the public for free, they are not required to maintain, update and provide support. For the same reason, I have always used Premium WordPress Themes on all my websites.

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Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes
Free WordPress Themes

Traffic is the soul of most websites, especially those that are monetized. Search engines, as we all know, are the best source of highly convertible traffic. The reasons are simple. People who use search engines are probably interested in what they are looking for.

Now imagine tapping that traffic to your website that sells products and services that meet the needs and wants of search engines. It would mean more sales, more profit and more income for you. But how does this relate to premium WordPress frameworks?

For starters, to get traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing; your website needs to be optimized for them. It’s called SEO, an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Now I’m not going to talk about SEO in detail, but for simplicity, it’s about what you do on your website and what you do outside of your website (on-page and off-page optimization).

To please search engines, coding, link structure, etc. Your website must be done in such a way that it meets the standards prescribed by the search engines. The problem is that most of the free WordPress themes don’t measure up.

However, most WordPress Premium Themes offer SEO as a selling proposition for their Premium Themes. Therefore, using a premium WordPress theme like Thesis gives your website the advantage of being search engine optimized (i.e. search engine friendly). As a result, you will notice that your website works well in search results.

Support and update Of Free WordPress Themes

Most, if not all, Premium WordPress Themes offer support and updates to their users. It’s called premium for a reason and part of this is its access to theme developer support and access to updates in case WordPress releases a newer version. This doesn’t just happen if you’re using a free WordPress themes. In most cases, these companion themes are left un-updated, unsupported, and dead.

If you are a blogger, your least concern should be if your Free WordPress themes are optimized for the latest version of WordPress. Your least concern should be that you don’t have anyone to help you modify and customize your website, so you should turn to hiring developers for help; It could be expensive. Knowing that not all bloggers are expert coders, it’s a relief to know that the developers of Premium WordPress Themes provide their users with the support and updates they need.

SEO and support are just two of the many benefits of using a Premium WordPress Theme. But these are actually the main reasons why anyone using WordPress should use a Premium Theme instead of using any available theme.

WordPress does a very good job, especially for moderately sized websites. This is due to WordPress theme editor plugins, which makes it easy and simple to maintain a site and update its content. Here are the top ten WordPress theme editor plugins that you can use on your WordPress site.

Support and update WordPress Themes

1. Event

The event is a great theme to use if you are an event planner. It’s a bold choice for a fast-paced industry like nightclubs, entertainment, cars, or more. I

2. The Events Calendar (Plugin)

This is one of the best and most integrated WordPress theme editor plugins. It provides you with an iCal feed apart from the standard RSS feed.

3. Neve

The Neve theme has an amazing design called Neve Events that can serve as a fantastic WordPress theme for events. It has a large featured event area with images to promote your WordPress events easily.

4. Glam Pro

Design is at the forefront of our minds when creating a new theme. We strive to make each theme the best it can be in design and under the hood. You won’t find anything less than superior here.

5. Astra

Astra is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme, which means you can easily use it as an event theme. They even have a pre-built starter website with a countdown timer for the next event that allows you to sell tickets online.

6. Event star

Event Star is a colorful, bright, modern, responsive and highly engaging multipurpose conference and event management WordPress theme. It’s well coded, optimized, it’s a fast and SEO friendly theme that has all the features you will need to successfully promote and manage your online event.

7. Metro Pro

The Metro Pro theme is a Genesis Framework theme created in a magazine style layout with a great focus on background images. This is an excellent News theme that can be easily customized. As you can see in the demo version, the background image remains stationary while scrolling up and down, which is a lovely effect. You can definitely use this theme for any niche, but be sure to upload a background image that matches well with the theme itself.

8. Jetpack(Plugin)

Jetpack, a powerful plugin from the brilliant team behind WordPress software, is a must-have plugin for every WordPress website. As the name implies, it offers an amazing feature pack to make your website fly high and make it a success.

9. Vaultpress plugin

WP-Optimize is a great tool to clean WordPress database and optimize WordPress. Automatically remove unnecessary WordPress data without manual queries. The plugin always keeps your database optimized for the best performance.

10. Spencer

Spencer is a stylish and modern multipurpose WordPress theme suitable for all kinds of business websites and blogs. It features a fully widgetized home page layout that allows you to drag and drop widgets to configure it.

Choose a WordPress Theme For Your Website

WordPress Theme For Your Website

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website can be really difficult. It is difficult not because it is difficult to find a good one, but because there are tens of thousands of good ones to choose from! The easiest way to find a theme that works best for your site is to first determine what you want your theme to do. Most of the time it is not about whether there is a topic that fits your needs, but to find out what your needs are.

Serial No.Themes and PluginsPrice
1Event$49 one time
2The Events Calendar Pro$89
4Glam Pro$99
6Event star$59 avg
7Metro Pro$99
9Vaultpress plugin$299/year
10Spencer$199 lifetime
Theme And Plugin Prices

Make a quick list of features and functions your perfect theme should have. If you’re just getting started with the system, you may not be aware of all the possibilities out there, but don’t let that stop you. Nothing is set like stone as WordPress allows you to change themes very easily whenever you want. Often as webmasters become more comfortable and knowledgeable, they move on to increasingly complicated topics.

New users are often a bit confused between the added functionality of a new theme and plugins. If you find a theme that suits your needs well but is missing one or two features, go to the plugins section of the WordPress site. If you can find a plugin that fills the hole in the theme, put the two together and you’re on your way!

Is it worth buying a WordPress theme?

Most of the time it is worth buying a premium theme. The benefits of the stand alone can make the price worth it. And when you calculate that the most expensive items are below $ 100 .

What is a blog theme?

In WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the look and feel of a WordPress powered website.

Hope this guide gives you some good ideas on what a good topic looks like.

10 Top Conversion Focused WordPress Themes and Plugin for a Productive Website.